Place Plans

Place-making is part of the natural fabric of our work but we are also regularly commissioned to produce Place Plans on behalf of our local authority and their regeneration team, town and parish councils and local business associations. We have written Place Plans for Island towns, Newport, Ryde, Cowes and Northwood. Arc also ran the Shaping The Bay consultations across Sandown Bay as part of the Bay Coastal Community team.

What is a Place Plan?

We believe that the objective of a Place Plan is to provide a menu of actions for positive change consistent with the lived experience of local people, the aspirations of local businesses and organizations, and the strategic context provided by local plans and policies. The methodology for our work is a combination of literature review, online questionnaire (The Place Standard), social media comment; feedback through local events and community engagement, zoom and real meetings with stakeholder organizations, and other correspondence.

Our Place Plans provide content to support local decision-making, project development and community action. The recommendations and action plan form part of that resource but are not intended to be definitive or final. The whole document is designed as a workbook that can be amended, adapted, altered and rearranged to support the efforts of local organizations in shaping positive change. These are not documents for your office shelves but rather should be well-thumbed and well-used…so pick it up and scribble notes and ideas on it, turn down the corners of your favourite pages and take it out with you as you head out with your paints or i-pads, briefcases and shovels!

We remain invested and involved with each Place Plan‘s next steps, helping to turn ideas into action and providing guidance from steering groups to site visits.

The resilience of a place, human and ecological, has been highlighted by the Covid pandemic and Place Planning is crucial to all our recovery. Arc however have long applied our Shaping Better Places framework and this place-based regeneration standard is already working to help communities, environments and economies to prosper.

You can find each of our Place Plans on Arc’s Issuu page and on the relevant local authority websites:


Newport, Isle of Wight

Shaping Newport

Shaping Newport Place Plan – Arc on Issuu 


Ryde, Isle of Wight

Ryde Place Plan – Arc on Issuu


Cowes and Northwood, Isle of Wight

Cowes & Northwood – Arc on Issuu


  • Northwood Boundary