Arc’s response to the Corona Crisis

Arc Biodiversity and Climate Ltd – Response to the Corona Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic is the most serious shock in a generation to global health, public services and economies at every scale, including the stewardship and management of investment. The immediate and urgent need for crisis care has already profoundly changed the way we live, work and learn and there is more to come. The severity of a recession, the deepening of societal inequalities, the depletion and exhaustion of local authorities, and the long tail of domestic and mental health troubles that will follow the weeks of isolation are all challenges that still must be faced.

There will be a recovery from crisis, but it seems likely to be led by different rules than existed before. The need to build living and working places that are truly resilient, healthy, and sustainable has never been so clear. The call for a different, better relationship between the human and natural worlds has never been so loud. Covid is in truth our fourth modern crisis, exposing and concentrating the three already before us when it struck: public health, biodiversity and climate. It is this quartet of deeply connected and fundamentally ecological stresses that demands systemic change in our recovery.

Shaping Better Places is the template we have created to fit these new rules, already anticipated in changes in policy and law around the world in the past two years but brought into sharp relief by the pandemic. The marrying of biodiversity, human health and environmental sustainability is a solution to the stressed ecology of people, place and nature that has too often been the norm.

Now, like so many, we are working hard to be useful and active. We are still receiving instructions and will continue to trade, helping our clients to prepare plans and projects for the time when lockdown relaxes and regeneration can begin.

We are also working with partners to support small businesses in our own area, through commissioning but also by sourcing regional and national grant aid packages from organizations as diverse as Arts Council England and the Coastal Revival Fund.

The corporate steps after Corona, from critical care to the recovery of wellbeing and enterprise, will need new thinking and innovation in action. Arc will deliver both.

Update 30 07 20. You can now read Ian Boyd’s article on Covid-19 recovery and renewal, human ecology and how Biospheres hold the key, in the international journal Cities & Health.