Projects: Robin Hill Artificial Badger Sett

Badgers are a common and widespread protected species and we find signs of their presence on many of our surveys. One of the issues we have to deal with from time to time is the closure of a small sett, done under licence and where badgers can be moved back into larger main setts nearby.

At Robin Hill Country Park (the home of the famous Bestival) this is exactly what we had to do. Badgers, well established in the park, had recently opened a couple of holes in a steep bank behind a children’s playground and directly beneath the terraced seating of an open-air theatre. The risks of ground subsidence made action necessary and a plan for the closure of the outlier sett was designed by Arc and licenced by Natural England. The scheme included the construction of an artificial sett nearby, a technique we have refined over the years with great results.

The upshot is that the badgers are safe, health and safety is ensured for visitors and the country park has a new feature of interest, away from the public but nonetheless offering a great opportunity to talk about wildlife conservation.