Projects: Monktonmead

Arc regularly works with the Environment Agency. As a project partner in river and wetland projects, as part of the Island’s Biodiversity Action Partnership, in its role as regulator, statutory consultee and Competent Authority; but also at times as a client.

On this occasion the EA asked us to look at the planned route for channel works to the Monktonmead Brook in Ryde, and to follow this through to the outfall pipe on the shore.

We assessed the plans for impacts on freshwater and intertidal ecology and provided advice on timing and work method to control the risks of impact to the stream and to the Ryde Sands SSSI and SPA. We also recommended restoration landscaping options for remediation works to be implemented after the engineering and geotechnical projects were completed. These designs combined a naturalised streamside flora with ‘edible’ wildlife planting, particularly in public greenspace to encourage wildlife encounter and ‘Nature Nearby’, important principles of Biodiversity 2020.