Projects: Isle of Wight

Although we work all across the south coast, the Isle of Wight is our home and where the bulk of our working time is occupied. We are passionate about our Island, both as individuals bringing up our families here as well as environmental specialists working within the constraints of this highly complex multi-designated little piece of the south coast.

The map below shows our starting place for any Island project and clearly shows that International and National policy and regulations place hefty constraints on any potential project.

Designations Map

As a team, we have worked on hundreds of successful planning applications and specialist projects. Wherever appropriate, we help clients, be they developers; the local council; a community group or the Environment Agency, to successfully navigate the various constraints and to develop successful projects which maximise benefits to wildlife, landscape; our community and where necessary achieve the required profit.

We are happy to work across the UK and our mainland projects demonstrate how the creative methods and dynamic ways of working honed on the Isle of Wight can be applied in other areas.