The Cowes and Northwood Place Plan

Welcome to The Cowes and Northwood Place Plan

The Isle of Wight Council Regeneration team, Northwood Parish Council, Cowes Town Council and Cowes Business Association are working together to create a Place Plan for the two parishes. They need your help to gather essential information and opinion via this online questionnaire.

By having your say and leaving your comments, you will be adding to a better understanding of the plan area and the experiences and aspirations of the people who live and work here; the project partnership can then work to find more effective ways for public services, community groups and businesses to collaborate and shape a better future.

On the first page, please could you let us know whether you are completing the questionnaire as an individual (resident, commuter or visitor) or on behalf of a group (in which case stating which group you represent). It’s fine to do the survey as either.

There is one questionnaire for Northwood and another for Cowes in order that we can collect locally specific data but do please complete both if you would like to. There are open questions as well as scored responses to give you room to explain or extend your answers in some sections.

The Place Plan project was due to begin in March but the onset of the pandemic and the impact of the control measures and restrictions that followed have of course changed its timetable. But these new challenges perhaps give even more reason to participate in the project, to have your say and to give your time. Your contributions will now support not only the local regeneration effort but will help business and community in the shared work of recovery, after Corona.

Thank you for your help!

Northwood Questionnaire 

Cowes Questionnaire 


Cowes Parish Boundary

Northwood Parish Boundary

The Place Standard Cartoon: “Image credit: Place Standard developed by the Scottish Government, Public Health Scotland, and Architecture & Design Scotland. Public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. Illustration by Linda Hunter @LidnaStitt @PlaceStandard”


  • Northwood Boundary