Wild Glades Sky Garden… Back to Bromley!

5 August 2020
Claire Hector

Next project update… from the county town of the Isle of Wight to the capital of the UK, London!

It’s with real pleasure that the Arc and Artecology R&D lads will be heading back to The Glades, Bromley this week after #covid19 put the brakes on temporarily.

We’ve been working with the centre, and real estate investment management organisations LaSalle and JLL on a biodiversity plan for the business… starting with creating a genuine uplift for biodiversity on the centre’s existing green roof or ‘Sky Garden’. We launched the Wild Glades project with a week-long shop take-over last October packing pop-up natural history and everyday wildlife into a unit just opposite Lush, then got the physical project delivery under way just before lockdown closed the centre.

The Glades’ brilliant and hands-on manager, Mark Haynes, sent us a whole pile of snaps just as The Glades reopened recently and we’re really pleased to see how it’s developing… this is our kind of Lush in fact! The planting palette and layout is deliberately chosen to make the most of the existing shade / sun strip and be drought-resistant too. Wildlife habitat is provided with nest boxes and invertebrate planters, the Artecology R&D Biototems are going in on Friday as are their hand-cast Micropools too. Nest boxes are placed on either side of the roof, to increase your chances of encountering wildlife as you head in and out of the centre along the walkway you see here.

We’ll be catching up with Mark and his team and meeting Bromley Council’s principal planner and biodiversity lead to show him round too on Friday. Next, it’s producing a short film and helping with interpretation. The summer wildlife celebration #WildGlades #2 will have to wait til crowds are allowed again but in the meantime, The Glades has plenty to celebrate as a retail centre determined to make a difference for wildlife and nature bang in the middle of Bromley!

Can’t wait to finish the work on the green roof this week!

Mark planting!

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