Signposting new ways – update on the Willow Walk

26 September 2019
Claire Hector

Brand new carved signage for the Willow Walk nature trail went in this morning! The sign was co-funded by and with thanks to both Dinosaur Isle and Down to the Coast. So, no excuses for not knowing where the Bay’s smallest and most diverse new nature trail is!

It’s part of our ongoing Shaping The Bay restoration of this corner of the Brown’s complex in Sandown Bay, now through our not-for-profit The Common Space and partners.

Since we started on it a few years back, the walk has become a well-loved trail and even a venue for community celebrations from our own Discovery Bay nature events to Hullabaloo and the local Easter Egg hunt. It gives residents and visitors brief glimpses of a range of Bay habitats through its willow woodland and the ‘Lost Duver’ meadows and ponds, through to the reedbeds and back past our Zoo… plus a direct route to the PLUTO Pavilion where Men In Sheds continue their restoration work on the generators.  A lot going on in a 1km walk! Through funds raised, our not-for-profit The Common Space has the paths along this short circular trail regularly mown to make it easier for you to explore and discover wildlife.

Taking the opportunity for a quick recce of the trail today, we came across two fresh-looking so newly-hatched Red Admiral butterflies and a whole village of fungi. The Red Admirals will be newly-hatched, offspring of migrants arriving in the Bay and our Biosphere from the continent earlier this summer.

As we head into autumn, listen out for Cetti’s warblers and the wind in the reeds (plus the occasional lion)  and look out for those brand new Red Admirals dotting about the just as brand-new sign!