The Isle of Wight aka UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve!!

26 July 2019
Claire Hector


Catching up on our blogs with the belated but biggest news of the year here… on June 19th 2019, the Isle of Wight became a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve!  There are only 7 UK Biospheres and we’re now one of them… an incredible achievement for the Island…

‘Life is an Amazing Series of Connections

Biosphere Reserves are all about improving the relationship between people and their local environment, globally. They are sites created by UNESCO that find creative ways for people and nature to thrive together. They act as extraordinary testing grounds to put into practice a revolutionary approach to managing our ecosystems sustainably for future generations.’


These Biosphere principles, protecting and building biodiversity, unique natural and cultural capital and public discourse (otherwise known as coming together to celebrate) are all encapsulated in the Isle of Wight and in our Shaping Better Places programme.

Well done to our Isle of Wight AONB team for bringing it home!  We are proud to have been part of the bid process. Now, it’s for all of us to make this work for a brighter, more sustainable future!

Here’s that designation again…Isle of Wight Biosphere