The Cowes & Northwood Place Plan – ‘The recommendations are extremely inspiring!’

5 May 2021
Claire Hector

The Cowes and Northwood Place Plan, created by Arc and commissioned by the Isle of Wight Council and local organisations is go! We’re pleased to have presented it to the community, authorities and business associations who helped to shape it.

Read and download the full Place Plan here.













The objective of the Place Plan is to provide a menu of actions for positive change, actions that are consistent with the lived experience of local people, the aspirations of local businesses and organizations, and the strategic context provided by local plans and policies. This is a living, working document, designed to be picked up and taken along, amended, altered and scribbled on!

It’s brilliant to be able to report that there are already new ideas and connections getting under way!  Deconstructed park discussions, sustainable travel partnerships….Keep us posted!

Thanks to everyone who contributed their ideas and aspirations and for such great feedback.

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