Rewilding’s blooming brilliant in Sandown Bay!

27 June 2019
Claire Hector

The Lost Duver project’s really coming alive now with colour and buzz along Culver Parade, in Sandown Bay and we’ve been snapping pictures recently of this coastal flora restoration. Our not-for-profit co-organisation The Common Space curates this experimental combination of planting coastal wildflowers, tiny bit of guerilla gardening with simple cornfield annuals mix, and very importantly, asking for tweaks to maintenance regimes along the sea walls and verges. The thrift, campion, sea holly, Vipers bugloss, (and the marron grass) you see here were planted in a couple of small verges when we started the project a few years ago and are now self-seeding. The patch opposite our Science Beach is tiny but growing and shows what’s possible. On the sea wall itself, being allowed to re-establish itself rather than sprayed, means that we have dense, beautiful patches of plants coming back, from the strawberry clover to the birds foot trefoil. Just goes to show what happens if you (cue song almost!) ‘Let it grow, let it grow!….’ There are bees on pretty much everything!  These are all easily replicable actions that support #biodiversity and create healthier places in your urban areas, cities, new developments, your business parks and industrial estates… from choosing #wildlife-supporting planting palettes to encouraging changes to maintenance programmes!

More info on what the project has entailed here…

The Lost Duver Garden