Rewilding retail… bringing biodiversity to a bit of Bromley…

19 February 2020
Claire Hector

Arc and Artecology Ltd are working in London this week, bringing a bit of extra biodiversity to Bromley! The team will be installing Biototems, nest boxes as well as planting and sowing the first tranche of literally thousands of wildflowers. This is part of a long-term project we’re working on with The Glades, Bromley and owners, the investment company LaSalle to help make this the UK’s most biodiverse shopping centre!

Kicking off with our Wild Glades pop-up natural history museum shop take-over last half term, the first phase is to bring the shopping centre’s Sky Garden to full and wild life with lifecycle resources to support a whole range of wildlife and provide wildlife encounter for visitors to the Centre and neighbouring Queen’s Gardens.

The Artecology Ltd studio has looked like this for a while! The freshly-made Biototems are designed to be both habitat for a range of invertebrates, particularly solitary bees, but also to eventually break down in the way of all wood!

Plugs, plants and seeds… the first contingent heading out tomorrow from Sandown, Isle of Wight to provide colour, life and wildlife encounter in a London shopping centre!

Our office and courtyard have been rammed with wins for wildlife! It’ll be nice to be able to see the walls again. We’re installing sparrow terraces and housemartin nest boxes. Their future residents should be able to nip down for a spot of seed on the garden below. It’s National Nest Box week this week too so the perfect time to install. 

The Artecology Wild Glades Launch Week took place last October – thousands joined us in our transformed shop unit in the heart of Bromley’s premier shopping centre to learn more about natural science and everyday wildlife, the issues facing UK biodiversity, and what The Glades are planning to do about it, with our help!