18 June 2020
Claire Hector

Back in March with a global pandemic on the UK horizon, the Hullabaloo community decided that the show must go on! They’ve been flat out since then making sure that nothing gets in the way of giving us all something to celebrate… at home and online (apart from maybe a power cut that is…). Here’s the latest news on the ever-growing line-up of amazing ways to play…

Announcing our Specially Commissioned Hullabaloo Artists and Musicians

Animation, Instagram and origami, lichen to landscapes, woodland cookery and coastlines, birdsong, printmaking, letterpress, musical saws and more! Eight specially commissioned Isle of Wight musicians and artists are using all their multi-media means together with natural world inspiration to help Hullabaloo bring the Isle of Wight Biosphere and Sandown Bay into bright virtual life for audiences far and wide-r this June!

Hullabaloo is the Island’s kaleidoscopic celebration of discovery and exploration, science and art plus seaside carnival mayhem all brought together each year in and about Sandown Bay. Rather than cancel and postpone due to coronavirus, Hullabaloo’s colourful marquees and parades have been brought online so we can scroll instead of stroll our way through the community-led festival, as well as take part in live activities in our homes.

Thanks to funding from Arts Council England and Hullabaloo organisers, Shademakers UK and The Common Space, and Down to the Coast too, Hullabaloo’s artists have received funding for projects responding to the Island’s UNESCO Biosphere status, in particular the extraordinary wildlife and landscapes of Sandown Bay. Musicians Paul Armfield and Jon Thorne bring you the ‘Bay Air’ so we can still join the Bay’s special Dawn Chorus Walk and explore birdsong and soundscapes revealed by lockdown; graphic designer Claire Speight translates her well-loved local nature trail the Willow Walk into letterpress and book-binding while Quay Arts’ Ian Whitmore’s interest in the Island’s natural history collection helps us create our own ‘butterfly collection’ at home. Joining them, each with their own take are Teresa Grimaldi, Lucia Para, Laura Hathaway and Julie Hutchison. Visit the Makers Space on the Hullabaloo website and find out more!

Nicole Hurrell, Hullabaloo and Shademakers’ youngest co-ordinator said, ‘I have lived in Sandown all my life and it’s such an important place to me. When we got the chance to start Hullabaloo, it was such an exciting process to be able to show how amazing the Bay really is. Shifting online due to Coronavirus rather than cancelling means we can still go ahead to help people celebrate as well as continue to support our creative community. I’m used to co-ordinating the colour and carnival of Hullabaloo so it’s a challenge going all-virtual, but the artists commissions have really inspired me and I love the aspect of getting any audience, not just on the Island, to join in with this part of the event – here’s to making it all come alive online in June!’

Hullabaloo at Home Artists

‘The Bay Air’ – a short composition for double bass, musical saw and birdsong

Paul Armfield and Jon Thorne

The Bay Air is a collaboration between double-bass player and composer Jon and singer/songwriter Paul. Inspired by and missing this year’s Bay’s annual Dawn Chorus walk, both musicians have been up with the larks through lockdown recording natural soundscapes in different locations. The Bay Air will bring Eastern Yar’s Dawn Chorus walk to life for us all, both here in the Biosphere and beyond – listen out for Jon and Paul on the website and through the Hullabaloo at Home weekend itself.


Lucia’s Magical Woods

Lucia Para

A series of wonderful short videos and live streams for kids and the young at heart commissioned especially for Hullabaloo at Home thanks to illustrator and artist Lucia Para. This charming series includes splendid recipes, stories and craft activities all with a woodland theme. Lucia will be recording all from her magical kitchen and art studio…. with the help of some unusual chefs.


Julie Hutchison

Colourbaloo is an interactive online art project which is under way as we speak! Julie’s project features ‘colouring-in’ designs drawn from the Bay’s natural landscapes. Launched last week with an Island-wide call to register to take part, 100 lucky participants were chosen at random and have been sent images to print off, colour-in/collage and go wild with! Once the images are coloured in and photos taken and collected, each will be uploaded to form an interactive web gallery brimming with colour!


Instagram: lh_artist_hullabaloo_at_home

Laura Hathaway

Laura has created a beautiful Hullabaloo artist Instagram account to document her walks around the Sandown Bay area, collecting natural materials from lichen to leaf forms. For Laura, ‘looking closely and exploring the Sandown Bay area’ anew as a result of the commission, she’s been discovering a new world of nature. Each of Laura’s finds will be recorded then pressed and processed and a collection of cyanotopes produced which capture her own experience of the Bay environment especially for Hullabaloo At Home.


The Beachcomber

Teresa Grimaldi

Sandown Bay artist Teresa Grimaldi has created an experimental short animation, using stop frame. This lo fi animation has been made with use of collage, puppets, objects and local photographic backdrops and features the animated character of the Beachcomber or longshoreman, taken from Henry Holiday’s Illustration of the Bellman from Lewis Carrol’s ‘Hunting of the Snark’. The Beachcomber encounters curious finds of local interest above and below the shoreline. Keep your eyes peeled for notable famous people with Island links making their appearance and stories from micro-visits in Sandown’s Vertipools to notions on the Biosphere itself.



Boxed Butterflies

Ian Whitmore

Get folding with Quay Arts Gallery Educator and artist Ian Whitmore as he expertly guides you to hand craft, decorate and mount a series of beautiful Biosphere butterflies just like natural history exhibits in your own museum at home! Inspired by the Isle of Wight’s 100 years of natural history collections, Ian will be showing the Hullabaloo at Home audience how to make some of the Island’s most fascinating species, their habitats and their food sources. Ian’s providing origami worksheets, materials/tool checklists and 3 examples for inspiration for us plus the how-to knowhow via a special video on our Hullabaloo website.



The Willow Walk Book – Letterpress, Illustration, Printmaking

Claire Speight, Inky Crab Press

Sandown Bay graphic designer Claire is creating a hand-bound book filled with letterpress, drawn illustrations and printmaking, all recording her daily journeys through The Willow Walk, Claire’s local community-created nature trail and part of Hullabaloo’s real-world landscape. For Claire, the path through willows to reedbeds has a secret feel to it and is full of wildlife, a glorious mini-view of the diversity of the Bay’s peri-urban natural world and the Biosphere. The images that make up the book will be digitally scanned and uploaded so Hullabaloo participants can download and make their very own book!