Insects in Action

25 June 2018
Claire Hector

In celebration of National Insect Week 2018 and to show just how precision-tuned insects are, here’s a film we made earlier…

The team here, Arc and Artecology and The Common Space too, work to ensure that built infrastructure and the space in and around it can and does support wildlife/biodiversity. Even the smallest of spaces (here, one nature prepared earlier) can play a part in supporting life.

We were doing a quick survey a while back with university students (Jack and Katie, on wild flora and soil analysis respectively) for our Lost Duver coastal project, when Kai the painter working on our Pluto Pavilion restoration called us over to ID an insect. As ecologist Ian Boyd explained to Kai, Katie and Jack, it was an ichnumen wasp, scouting the Pavilion’s elm facade. We watched as the wasp checked the tiny holes made by woodworm or beetle larvae and then displayed this most impressive ovipositing exercise! It’s a gruesome tale but an amazing sight!  Excuse our excited soundtrack.