In the pink…

21 March 2020
Claire Hector

Next in our #newnature #windowsillwildlife collection to help cheer you up! Spring’s official and whatever #covid_19 says, somewhere outside your window is in the pink! And green and yellow and blue…. and if it’s still looking grey outside your front door, get planting!

We have been cultivating coastal rewilding here in the Bay since moving our base here to the Browns Family Golf and Cafe space 6 years ago. That’s included a bit of natural kintsugi, looking at how cracks and broken places can colonise and allowed or be helped to fill up with the ecologically useful! Here’s the Arc & Artecology pavement self-seeding pink thrift singing its heart out today from our rather restricted view.

As our normally busy built environment takes an instructed breather, it could be a brilliant opportunity to learn from what moves back in while we’re not about. It might mean we finally learn to reinvent and redeploy unnecessary and costly maintenance regimes and help address climate and biodiversity issues when they’re back in our headlines. In the future, we could be letting more of our grey go green… and pink.