Hullabaloo At Home – Science, Arts, Nature… Virtual Success from the Isle of Wight Biosphere!

27 July 2020
Claire Hector

Hullabaloo At Home 2020 is proof, if ever proof be needed, of what an incredibly innovative and versatile creative community there is on the Isle of Wight. From world-class science and back garden safaris, Sea Eagle origami to magic tricks, flag-making, live music, dance school, carrot whistles and clay, animation and much more, the range and quality of activities and performances broadcast by the festival across Friday 19 – Sunday 21 June exceeded all expectations and has drawn on-line audiences numbering in the tens of thousands from across the globe.

An uplifting celebration of the first anniversary of the Isle of Wight’s designation as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve was curated and hosted by The Common Space, Shademakers UK, Arc and Artecology. Underpinning the whole show was the seamless production of 22 hours of broadcast content all brought together by a team of young people working round the clock.  Almost 80,000 people found their way to Hullabaloo’s live weekend videos with visitors from 30 different countries exploring the science and arts festival’s specially curated website.

Hullabaloo was one of the first festivals to go online with organisers Shademakers and The Common Space determined back before lockdown that the show must go on.  Launching with Biosphere Birthday, science, arts and carnival colour and mayhem thanks to dozens of contributors filled a 3-day programme and virtual ‘marquees’ Discovery Bay, Makers Space and the Shady Lady Stage. Meanwhile, in Sandown Bay, Hullabaloo’s real-life location, colourful flags appeared along the seafront as if by magic, a special surprise for the festival weekend. The flags may be down and the live weekend over but Hullabaloo At Home continues to be curated and the show is still going on even now, providing an amazing insight and virtual visit to the Biosphere Island.



Chester George who headed up the production team for us all explains, “I think Hullabaloo’s greatest achievement has been to bring the best of humanity to forefront of people’s attention during an incredibly gloomy time. Hopefully inspiring people to reconnect with the arts, music, science and nature, to look at the world around them with a new perspective and with new-found knowledge. And to have been brought some happiness with our entertainment. We hope Hullabaloo At Home has created a hopeful and joyful moment in an otherwise rocky 2020.”




Sandown Bay spectacular Hullabaloo, a grand community celebration of arts, science and wildlife, discovery and exploration, is online for ever more… so you can join the celebrations from now until 2021 and make your own festival wherever you are!  Hullabaloo is brought to you by Shademakers UK and The Common Space, with thanks to Arts Council England and Down to the Coast for help with funding.

Scroll your way though Hullabaloo At Home here….


It’s a wrap! Our production team ecstatic having curated two days of live Hullabaloo from the Depozitory in lockdown.