Discovering the Dawn Chorus

10 May 2018
Claire Hector

You couldn’t see a hand in front of your face and as you can see, we started off a bit bleary, but the magic was definitely there for our Dawn Chorus Magic walk last week!

One by one, as if answering to a roll-call (okay, the nightingales were a no-show), each bird species piped up, starting with a lone robin by the car park streetlights at 4.30am and finishing with the calls and showing-off fluttering fly pattern of a green finch… all in an order perfectly predicted by Ian!  Pipistrelles looping silently overhead gave way to Cetti’s Warblers, blackcaps, warblers and even a whitethroat all making worth the early alarms. Fascinating to learn too why birds sing, in particular the importance of territory and of linear corridors to wildlife… more on all that soon.

We were also lucky enough to have photographer Julian Winslow along capturing the walk in photos if not in sound… gifting us a magnificent gallery for Dawn Chorus 2018.

Dawn Chorus Magic is just one of several events we’re running as part of our collective’s Discovery Bay calendar. Keep an eye out for more on our Events page… they’re all free, run in our spare time to help make ecology as accessible and as inspiring as possible.