Cities & Health, Covid-19 Issue – Redesigning Habitat for Humans by Ian Boyd

30 July 2020
Claire Hector

‘The pandemic is teaching us something important about the resilience of place… Nothing works without public health.

Communities, people, will be unable to cope with the socio-economic and ecosystem shocks of climate change and biodiversity loss, let alone pandemic, when simply getting through the day is made harder by the built environments they inhabit. The need to build living and working places that are truly resilient, healthy and sustainable has never been so clear. The call for a different, better relationship between the human and natural worlds has never been so loud…. Design the places where we live and work in such a way that they build foundation capital, social, natural and cultural.’

Ian Boyd’s abstract on redesigning our world after-coronavirus has just been published in Cities & Health Journal’s Covid-19 issue. In it, Ian explains how the Man and Biosphere programme and principles, and Arc’s own Shaping Better Places framework too, offer the toolkit for #COVID__19 recovery, countering Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change. 

Cities & Health is an international platform for the reframing of the city, ‘established to support human and planetary health by sharing the latest international research and practice for urban health and health equity’, drawing together key thinkers across the world.  Ian’s article is one of just 30 chosen for publication from hundreds of abstracts for this special issue.

Cities & Health Journal – Abstract – Redesigning Habitat for Humans, Ian Boyd