Changing Times Changing Places… Arc Remote Services

26 March 2020
Ian Boyd

Changing Times Changing Places

These are worrying days, with more challenges still to come. We hope you are all well and stay safe in these difficult weeks and months.  Here at Arc we are, like you, working to manage the present while imagining and planning for different and better times ahead. Projects, designs, plans and possibilities have never been more important. Preparing the new opportunities and being ready to shape positive change is a work of hope.

There is still much we can do to work with you remotely, through our Shaping Better Places programme, while we all learn to adapt to new constraints.

Place Planning

  • Now is a unique opportunity to think differently about our towns and cities, neighbourhoods and parishes, green infrastructure and built environment.
  • We can rethink the renewal and revitalisation of business districts, public estates, communities, the allocations for residential and employment development and the everyday spaces where we live, work and learn.
  • Arc provides this new thinking, through the Shaping Better Places method, intelligent ecological design that integrates ecosystem services, business performance and community wellbeing to create more resilient futures.
  • Share your development strategies and masterplans with us and we will help you to prepare the successful social, environmental and economic outcomes that will be needed more than ever in the years to come.

Site Selection

  • Are you looking at site development options for the future? We can run them through our Shaping Better Places audit and help you to make the most of what they have to offer, avoiding the pitfalls and beartraps that might otherwise prove costly.
  • The inevitable merging of environmental and public health policy, in regulation, planning and development, will only be accelerated by the current crisis. Arc’s unique specialism is the use of ecological design to deliver enhanced and sustained performance in built assets and infrastructure.
  • Send us your sites, ideas and aspirations, and we’ll do the rest.

Net Gain

  • The UK Environment Bill is already driving the need for demonstrable gains for wildlife in development and infrastructure.
  • The alignment of net gains for biodiversity with net gains for people and places, in a land and cost-efficient way, is a holy grail and the fundamental purpose of Shaping Better Places.
  • We know how to help you achieve maximum benefit from the earliest stages of your project onwards. Just send us your layouts and masterplans and we will work in the gains.

Systems Thinking for a Different Future

We cannot go back to our conventional ways of development.

  • Arc will help you and your team with practical tools for radical change, in policy, strategy, design and delivery. We will provide Shaping Better Places seminars and tutorials, 1 to 1 or in any other format you require, by Skype, Team, Zoom or any of the familiar platforms.
  • There is overwhelming evidence that by deliberately designing a healthy environment we can create and sustain lasting social and wellbeing benefits, improve asset performance, grow community cohesion and build long-term economic gain.
  • We must align environmental health, ecological integrity and public wellbeing in our built places, in our local and national infrastructures, in our living and working spaces. These imperatives demand new thinking if we are to build a new future.

Arc Remote Service

NB… All the images here are just a fraction of outcomes for wildlife on Arc sites and projects… biodiversity ‘built-in’, repurposed, conserved or new in town.