Men in Pavilions

12 December 2018
Claire Hector

Here’s another update from our not-for-profit sister organisation, The Common Space, for you –  with our Bay Coastal Community Team hats on!

The Common Space funds the PLUTO Pavilion Men in Sheds project here in Sandown Bay and it’s been wonderful catching up recently with them and with Lois Prior, Men In Sheds lead at Age UK.

This small team of professionals, all retired, are doing a remarkable job of restoring the machinery in the 1930s Golf Pavilion bit by bit. Also there alongside them is Dave Badman who restored the outside of the building for us here at Arc a few years back in our phase one (with thanks to Down to the Coast & CRF). Dave’s back doing a fantastic job on the guttering at the moment, while Men In Sheds have painted the Pavilion with a special protective coat too.

Not only are these Men In Sheds regenerating the generators on the inside, but just as important is that they’re a lovely bunch – a real team… and they’re helping us bring power back to this whole corner and to the PLUTO story too. By making sure the Pavilion is open during events like Hullabaloo and Open Heritage Weekend, they’re giving people an extra reason to visit the Bay.

Just a few snaps here for you here – Lois and we will be back to follow up on their progress and the full story early next year!