Bohemia Bog… back from the brink

19 November 2018
Claire Hector

An update from Ian Boyd…

Huge thanks to Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and landscape partnership DowntotheCoast IW, and of course digger-maestro, Kevin Smith, for their fantastic restoration work at Bohemia Bog. This little site is one of the richest wetlands on the Island, home to 6 species of sphagnum, sundews, cotton grass, bog asphodel, bog pimpernel, the iconic pale butterwort and a host of rare and local invertebrates. With the new clearances, scrapes and hollows, we’re hoping that 2019 will be its best year in the last decade!

None of this would be possible of course without the help, encouragement and support of the landowner, Mr. Attrill, and the constant efforts of the wonderful Green Army Isle Of Wight, keeping the faith and holding back the gathering scrub!