Building for Biodiversity update… Artecology’s artificial rockpools for Marineff project

8 December 2020
Claire Hector

Thanks to Bournemouth University and our colleagues Jess Bone and Dr Roger Herbert for this short film showing the Artecology R&D artificial rockpools (or as we call them, Vertipools) at work in Poole Harbour.

Artecology‘s rockpools were commissioned as part of the cross-Channel, EU-funded Marineff research project and here you can see Bournemouth Uni’s team monitoring some of our bespoke designs created for Marineff.

Our pools were already out in the world and Artecology’s innovations have provided the inspiration for this UK and French research programme. Working with the Marineff project and a similar programme in Wales and Ireland, Ecostructure, has been brilliant in raising awareness of ecoengineering, providing invaluable data too. As the film points out, these particular pools, designed for Marineff, have only just been installed but are already #greeningthegrey and providing habitat for marine wildlife.

Creating space for nature on built infrastructure or ecoengineering doesn’t give us all a get-out for knocking up concrete everywhere but as sea levels rise as do sea defences, so why create sterile, smooth surfaces when you can do something different and infinitely more useful?

Artecology continues to innovate and to collaborate with and support university research too… so watch these spaces!  If you’d like to commission Artecology direct, head to to see how we can help.

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