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31 January 2019
Claire Hector

Another boost for Sandown Bay!

We’re delighted to announce that our not-for-profit co-organisation The Common Space has been awarded Coastal Revival Funding for the Ice Cream & Science project at Browns in Sandown. This funding will help to support efforts to conserve and enhance this area as the top spot it’s become for exploration of the Bay’s cultural and natural heritage… read all about it!

Welcome funding boost for Isle of Wight coastal projects

Between a small team and the collective organisations in this spot, Browns is a great example of how a sprinkling of raw materials, a will to revive public realm and local business/community efforts can bring about a grassroots regeneration and create a whole wealth of new stories.  The Pavilion is restored and the PLUTO story revived, we have a popular nature trail, ponds and a Science Beach as our living field studies guide and venue and our colleagues at Browns Golf are bringing a celebrity-designed 30s golf course to life. There’s also a calendar of science and nature events… Discovery Bay, university research connections and it’s even been on the TV.  Next up… Biosphere….

PS. Thanks to @onthewight for the lovely comment!