Sandman Snowman

There are all sorts of reasons to make the most of Britain’s winter beaches, free blank canvases for ecology, art and exploration as they are; here on the Isle of Wight Biosphere, our not-for-profit The Common Space’s annual event Sandman Snowman is probably one of the most curious!  Each year, people pile on to the sandiest beaches on the Island to make snowmen, out of sand…


Ian Boyd, founder of Isle of Wight not-for-profit, The Common Space explains, ‘It doesn’t often snow on the south coast of the Isle of Wight, so the idea behind Sandman Snowman has always been that you don’t need to wait for it to snow to build a snowman, and you don’t have to wait for summer to visit the beach. It’s a way to encourage people to come to Sandown Bay in winter, to remind them that it’s an extraordinary place and that there’s always a reason to go outside! We line up the carrots, coal, reeds and seaweeds and the beach fills with extraordinary sand-sculpted snowmen – by lunchtime, it’s a real spectacle! Then after everyone’s gone off to explore the Bay or the Island further, the tide washes everything away. The Common Space is designed to celebrate free public space in the Bay and Sandman Snowman does just that!


Sandman Snowman will be popping up on a sunny Sunday in March this year!

Carrots and coal provided and hot chocolate on tap!

Bring a bucket and spade and wrap up REALLY warm.

Find us on The Science Beach, the seafront opposite Browns Golf Course, Culver Parade, Sandown PO36 8QA


Sandman Snowman is part of a calendar of free, voluntary events organised by the team at The Common Space, Arc and Artecology helping people to explore the Isle of Wight Biosphere and particularly Sandown Bay. For more details on the upcoming Discovery Bay, Walking Festival, Hullabaloo and Under the Pier, please visit: