Forums and Groups

Arc has a place on the Island’s Biodiversity Action Partnership, the East Wight Landscape Partnership and the Island’s Tourism Development Panel. We enjoy contributing ideas to the debates and discussions and helping where we can with the design and delivery of new initiatives; we live and work here on the Island and if we can help make it better then why wouldn’t we !?

One of our favourites is the annual February recorders’ conference, organised and run by the excellent IW Natural History and Archaeological Society. Here all the leads on biological recording meet up, along with many other enthusiasts, to hear presentations, talk over the year’s discoveries and hatch new conservation projects and it’s a thoroughly uplifting experience to join in! Because we visit so many sites and spend so much time out and about we’re able to collect species information across a wide range of groups and feed in the data to the pool of information that’s so important to the conservation of natural heritage. Our particular focus is the Hemiptera, the true bugs, and we’ll usually manage one or two new finds for the Island in a year, sometimes more!