We love bees, and so do you. And that’s why we spend as much time as we can recording hymenoptera for the Island’s Local Records Centre. Our speciality is that army of unsung pollinator heroes the solitary bees: miners, masons, potters, leaf-cutters, bramble-nesters and their cuckoos. We work on a lot of sites and visit a lot of places and wherever we can we will try to influence land management to favour these species – it’s easy, cheap and very very effective. We’ve seen this happen in truly exemplary fashion at one ex-sweetcorn arable site. In less than ten years it has moved from intensive cropping (with all the feed and spray associated), to one of the most remarkable bee conservation stories you will ever hear, becoming, in 2015, a new reserve of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. It has been fascinating to be a part of the work and to continue to help with its development.

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