Artecology (ärt-ĭ-kŏl′ə-jē). Mixed discipline ecology/art dealing with biological relationships between organisms & the built environment.


Artecology is our innovative collaboration with public artist’s Eccleston George, where we design habitat structures using science and art to enhance public spaces for nature and people.

Since starting in 2015, Artecology has complimented our professional advisory and engagement work, by pushing the conventional thinking in our field. By creating structures that are not only uniquely designed and aesthetically achieve a sense of place, while also more colonisable by wildlife; public engagement with wildlife, places and the environment is enhanced.

Opportunities are immense for building habitats on urban infrastructure and creating new artificial habitats that are ecologically enhancing and more engaging, from sea walls, river channels to walls and roofs of buildings – and we aim to seize more endless spaces.

We have had projects across the country, some include: Vertipools, mini rock pools, sculptural eel pass, rock streams and bio tiles – all of which have involved engagement activities and research from schools and universities.

It’s an exciting new world of biodiverse architecture.

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