Arc Updates: Totland Landslip community project

And now another great reason to wander along the fascinating and dynamic coastline at Totland! A while back, after working on the ecology etc accompanying the new coastal path, we commissioned the brilliant Hannah George, Michelle MooksGoo Lott & Eccleston George to help us tell the story of wildlife in the landslip at Totland… 35 million years of life of it to be precise! It’s all in now in place – both bench and board, ready for the New Year.

Hannah’s artwork, Michelle‘s graphic design and Ian Boyd’s concept and words have made for a beautiful interpretation board again, adding to the team’s portfolio which also includes the Medina Estuary SPA interpretation. Again, the lecterns are made from local oak by Andy Toms. Don’t forget to take a look at Hannah George – Makings on Facebook to see some of the individual paintings she did as part of the commission and we’re delighted to see from Hannah’s photos that Nige’s fossil bench has started to weather beautifully too.

All in all we hope the team’s efforts show just what an interesting spot this is and how the dramatic landslide gave us all the opportunity to explore layer upon layer of wild history; we also hope it celebrates the community involved in the restoration of the path. So take a walk, read all about it and then sit and ponder the upcoming 35 million-and-oneth New Year!

Thanks very much to all the team and also to Luke Ellison and Peter Marston and to Isle of Wight Council for the ecology, art & interpretation commission and also to Dinosaur Isle for helping with research.